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Mark Goldfogel

Mark has been a computer geek since he published his first software at the age of 17. At one point in his career helped revolutionize an unsavory practice in the automobile industry by implementing a system that allows auto dealers to be more professional. That system was adopted by 29 automobile manufacturers!

Now he helps small businesses visualize their future from his home in Telluride Colorado, where, since 2002, he and his wife Amy, have run a custom web development company www.Webdogs.com.

In January 2010, Mark founded MJ Freeway www.mjfreeway.com. MJ Freeway is a custom web transaction system dedicated to the Medical Marijuana Industry. It handles all of a Medical Marijuana Centers and caregivers needs for inventory, patient and sales tracking. And it does so with the most intuitive and easy to use system in the industry.

Mark feels as though he has prepared his entire life to be able to offer his technical abilities to this market. He has seen how valuable this medicine is and is proud to help this industry utilize the web to its full potential.
His talk is entitled "The Web and the Medical Marijuana Revolution, it isn't just for Porn, anymore." where he discusses the convergence of social networks, and the long tail of Google and niche industries, and how they create the perfect grow conditions for the MMJ Revolution.

Mark Goldfogel
888-webMJFreeway / 888-932-6537 x 700

Rachel Ruff
Rachel Ruff managed and produced the “Dr. Sanjay Gupta Primetime” documentaries at CNN and created segments related to food and health for the CNN “American Morning” show. She produced the first-ever “World Aids Day” documentary and earned the honor of being the youngest-ever producer for the network.

She graduated from the University of Florida with a communications degree and a pre-med concentration. She also holds a Pastry Arts degree from L’Academie De Cuisine. She completed her externship with the White House chefs and at Palena restaurant.

Ruff uses her production and culinary skills simultaneously by working as an on-camera chef for shows on WE, CNN, HGTV, and most recently on iTunes, as a guest for the number one rated moms’ podcast, Mommycast.com. She also has her own website pinkmixer.com

Below is what Rachel wrties about her experience in dispensaries:

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette

There are a number of respectable dispensaries in the Denver area. However, some of the caregivers are disrespectable to their patients. And I am specifically meaning to the young attractive women patient coming in for treatment alone.

When a woman enters the dispensary, they should be treated with respect. A woman does not want to come in to meet someone or trade phone numbers for special weed.  The dispensary is not a bar where a woman is looking to meet men or score deals for free weed in exchange for a date night.

I have many girlfriends who are afraid to enter some of the dispensaries alone because of their fear of dealing with such inappropriate and flirtatious behavior.

So no matter what laws the government puts in effect towards dispensaries in the future, I would suggest that we all enforce our own “chivalry rule” to treat patients with professional dignity.  And in turn, I have a feeling the government will treat the caregivers with more respect as well for upholding professional standards.

It’s a win-win situation. More females will frequent the dispensaries and more caregivers will earn loyal return clients.  No more “Jackflash” jokey offensive comments. Treat women patients like the “Wonder woman” marijuana she may need.

Timothy Tipton
Timothy Tipton has been a photojournalist for over thirty years, and a patient advocate for over seven. Timothy sits on the National Board of Directors for Compassionate Coalition—a MMJ educational non-profit (www.compassionatecoalition.org). He is also the Founder of the Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative, which was one of the groups recently listed in an application to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) to participate in the first North American Community-Based Cannabis Clinical Research Consortium.

Timothy is a court-certified expert in cannabis, medical marijuana, and is also an instructor with the advocacy and education group, Cannabis Therapy Institute (www.cannabistherapyinstitute.com). For numerous years, he has been a moderator for the North Denver Medical Marijuana Discussion Group (www.medmarijuana.meetup.com/119), the Denver chapter of the Compassionate Coalition (www.compassionatecoalition.org) and an affiliate of Americans for Safe Access (www.safeaccessnow.org).