Full Spectrum Laboratories, the nation's first independent botanical testing laboratory providing innovative quantification, certification, and product safety testing to the emerging medical cannabis industry. We provide world-class analytical services previously unavailable to patients, growers, formulators, bakers and dispensers of medical cannabis. Full Spectrum's services are backed by more than 20 years of experience in research and development and analytical testing.

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“The system alienates potential customers, such as senior citizens or baby boomers who won’t ask their doctors about medical marijuana because of the drug’s reputation, and it scares away good doctors who won’t prescribe it for the same reason, Ginsberg said. (Denver Business Journal, September 10, 2010. Click here for complete article.)

Imagine a place where you can meet people, learn, have fun, and possibly embark on a new way to treat one of several chronic ailments. Imagine if you are already medicating with marijuana being able to come to a place where you can reaffirm old acquaintances, learn something new, and make new friends. Plant Medicine Expo and Healthcare Provider Conference is this place, and it is here for you, the medical marijuana patient, your family and friends, and those people who have only thought about taking medical marijuana.

You will feel at home here at the Sheraton Denver Downtown hotel in an atmosphere conducive to learning, questioning and making your own mind up about the possible benefits of medical marijuana (MMJ)for your condition. Take a look at stories from everyday MMJ patients and how it has improved their lives.

Your doctor may be here too, attending the healthcare provider conference on September 25th. And after you both attend this weekend event, you two can have that conversation you’ve never felt entirely comfortable having.

Interested in learning about the medical marijuana evaluation process? Click Here to read an article by a Plant Medicine Expo contributor.

What is Plant Medicine Expo?

Plant Medicine Expo and Healthcare Provider Conference is a two-day event happening September 25-26, 2010 that comprises two conferences--one for healthcare providers and one for consumers--in addition to an expo that will feature exhibitors ranging from wellness clinics to MMJ dispensaries. Click here to view a list of the exhibitors.

The consumer conferences will bring you face-to-face with experts who will hold interactive sessions for the newcomer as well as the experienced self-medicating patient in order to teach and facilitate open discussion in an open and inviting atmosphere.

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Consumer Conference Seminars:

  • The Web and the Medical Marijuana Revolution – Mark Goldfogel
    • Insight into how social networks, small business web development, and the medical marijuana revolution create the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to take the MMJ revolution to the next level. Mr. Goldfogel will be sharing his 25-year experience in technology and how he has been able to marry technology to the MMJ industry in order to create MJ Freeway, the most-used point-of-sale and business management suite for MMJ dispensaries.
  • The Truth About Cannabis Addiction – M.L. Mathre
    • Is cannabis addictive? The research and medical proof behind it. Also, how cannabis can assist in addiction therapy with other substance abuse. Ms. Mathre is an RN, MSN, CARN, Navy veteran, and President & Founding Director of Patients Out of Time—the premier educational forum dedicated to the restoration of medical cannabis knowledge.
  • Cannabis Therapy Fundamentals – Cannabis Therapy Institute – Deanna Gabriel
    • A discussion of basic care giving skills used to assist cannabis patients with dosage, frequency of dosage, benefits of various cannabis extractions and basic clinical skills. Participants will gain an understanding of therapeutic use of a variety of cannabis preparations as well as an understanding of basic patient intake procedures. Ms. Gabriel is a certified clinical herbalist and clinical nutritionist for the Cannabis Therapy Institute.
  • Next Step to Legitimize the MMJ Industry: Unionize? – Ron Lind (Saturday only)
    • Unionization is another step in the campaign to bring legitimacy to the MMJ industry and provide support to the MMJ-legalization initiative. Mr. Lind is the president of UFCW5--a California labor union representing retail, agriculture, food processing, and patient-care employees who work with MMJ.
  • How to Help When there is No Hope – MMAPR – Vincent Palazzotto
    • Current issues surrounding the impoverished MMJ population in Colorado. Will address the issues of accessibility and affordability for the impoverished, as well as discuss solutions that could help reduce these problems.
  • The Growth of MMJ Businesses – Greenway's Accreditation Program – Gustavo Escamilla
    • CEO and Founder of Greenway University will discuss the growth of ancillary businesses in the MMJ industry. Greenway is Colorado’s first and only licensed educational provider to the Colorado MMJ industry.
  • Here's What We Know, Here's What We Don't Know, Where Should it Go? – Dr. Alan Shackelford
    • A brief history of cannabinoids and their effective use for medical and psychological issues. New uses for MMJ will also be discussed as will a call to action to allow testing of medical marijuana on additional disease states. Dr. Shackelford practices at Amarimed in Denver and specializes in behavioral medicine, stress management, and chronic pain.
  • Cooking - Edible MMJ – Rachel Ruff (Saturday only)
    • Demonstration on the preparation of delectable medical edibles.
  • Cannabis Medicine Making – Cannabis Therapy Institute – Deanna Gabriel
    • Discover the exciting and surprisingly easy world of cannabis medicine making! Demonstrations will be given on tincture making and oil infusing. Explore the creation and application of a variety of internal and topical medicines using these handmade tinctures and oils (Demonstrations can be done using non-cannabis herbs). Ms. Gabriel is a certified clinical herbalist and clinical nutritionist for the Cannabis Therapy Institute.
  • Your Body and the Cannabinoid System – Dr. Bob Melamede
    • How medical marijuana works in the body is still largely unknown. Come find out what scientists and physicians have discovered and what still needs to be answered. Dr. Melamede is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Colorado and is a widely-publishes author and notable speaker on MMJ research and practical use.
  • Saying "Yes" or "No": Making the Emotional Decision to Medicate with MMJ – Dr. Laurie Ferguson
    • You've heard negative statements about marijuana your entire life. How do you make the emotional changes necessary to embrace this drug if you and your prescriber decide it is the right treatment protocol for you?  Dr. Laurie Ferguson, Health Psychologist, specializes in resiliency and mindfulness-based coping skills for people suffering from chronic disease.
  • The Legal Landscape for Medical Marijuana: What Patients Should Know – Diane Hoffmann (Sunday only)
    • Introduction to the federal law governing medical marijuana (MMJ), the decriminalization of MMJ in 14 states, and the variations of laws in these 14 states with regards to how they affect patients and their caregivers. Ms. Hoffmann is the Law and Health Program Director at the University of Maryland School of Law.
  • MMJ Industry: The Next Gold Rush, Tech Boom, or Both? - Michael Lerner (Sunday only)
    • Expert insight into the future of MMJ. Mr. Lerner is one of the leading MMJ experts in the country, appearing on CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox as well as being interviewed by numerous radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. Mr. Lerner is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Kush Magazines and dailybuds.com. Bringing his over 17 years of publishing experience to the MMJ industry, Kush magazine is the leading cannabis lifestyle magazine in the country, and Daily Buds, the social network for cannabis, exceeds 15 million page views per month.

Time and Location:

  • Conferences:
    • Saturday, September 25th, 2010: 9:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
    • Sunday, September 26th, 2010: 9:00 a.m.. - 5:00 p.m.
    • By registering online, you will have reserved seating in the seminars you choose. You may attend seminars you do not register for if room is available.
  • Expo:
    • Saturday, September 25th, 2010: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    • Sunday, September 26th, 2010: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    • You may attend the expo on both days.
  • Location:
    • Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
      1550 Court Place
      Denver, CO 80202
    • Hotel accommodations are available at the Sheraton for $175/night on Friday and $105/night on Saturday and Sunday. Online booking is now closed. Please contact the Sheraton directly by clicking here.


  • $49 includes access to both days of conferences (with complimentary snacks and refreshments) and to both days of the expo. Hurry and register online now as prices go up to $69 at the door!


The Sheraton Denver Downtown hotel is a non-smoking facility.